Parents, there are some guidlines that our club follows that need to be strictly adhered to.  Please do your part to make sure that we are able to spend our time as coaches effectively.  Your wrestler should be prepared in the following ways:

  1. Practices are closed.  Please bring your wrestler to the front door on time and please come to the door for pickup on time
  2. Use the bathroom before practice
  3. Bring a water bottle
  4. Wear cleat skins or "street shoes" to practice and from practice
  5. Friday practices are open workouts for parents and family members.  Please don't yell at your child or give them the look...even though you think they deserve it.  They are working really hard just to be a part of a club like this.  I can promise you we have already run them ragged.  Getting scolded by a parent isnt going to help.  They will need your POSITIVE support more than anything else.