Socal Wrestling Team in San Diego, California

Socal Grappling is a year round wrestling club in San Diego that offers a competition level experience for committed wrestlers.  The Competition Team travels nationwide to represent the San Diego Wrestling community.

Socal also offers a developmental program.  This program is the perfect fit for youth wrestlers that want to try the sport out without getting demoralized by losing all the time.  This program will help a new wrestler learn the same techniques as the advanced wrestlers on the competition team, but in a far less stressful environment. 

Part of the offseason training program is supplemented with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Our wrestlers learn the benefits of following the hips and pressuring from the top without creating space.  This progressive style of grappling is what sets our program apart from many others and gives us the competitive advantage we exhibit on the mat. Our grapplers are frequently praised by crowds and bystanders with comments like “wow, did you see that”, or “that kid is really tough, did you see his technique”.

Mission Statement: It is the goal of the Socal Grappling Club to promote the sport of youth wrestling in San Diego by providing an outlet where wrestlers can compete at the highest levels. Socal is committed to enriching the wrestling community in Bonita and Eastlake California by developing athletes with unquestioned sportsmanship and ethics.

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